Rapid Child Rescue Home

Rapid Child Rescue

Martial Arts Accredited, Kid-Safe Network Centers provide missing person search tools

Hundreds of Kid-Safe Network Accredited, Martial Arts Studios and instructors will soon be offering free community outreach services. Among the services offered will include some or all of the following:
  1. Rapid Child Rescue registration events (scheduled two or more times per year).
  2. Kid-Safe danger awareness seminars.
  3. Women-Safe danger awareness seminars.
  4. Date Rape drugs awareness seminars.
  5. Anti-Bullying seminars.
  6. Child Escape seminars.
  7. Web and social network danger seminars.
  8. Anti-Abuse seminars.
  9. Anti-Sexual abuse seminars.
  10. Self-Defense seminars.
Martial Arts Accredited, Kid-Safe Network Center instructors are required to summit to a yearly national criminal background check, and be board certified by the National Security Alliance in the service or seminar offered.

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